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Tennis Racquet Replacement Grip vs Overgrip


What is the difference between tennis racquet replacement grip vs overgrip and why is it vital to understand how it affects your game? The tennis racquet replacement grip and overgrip’s role is to help players make a good stroke and be able to control the shot. Although they share the same role, they differ in terms of the advantages and disadvantages when utilized. They also differ with regards to characteristics.

There is an easy way to point out which one is a tennis racquet replacement grip and which one is an overgrip. A replacement grip can be directly applied onto the handle of the racquet and have a sticky backing that provides a reasonable amount of cushioning. Conversely, an overgrip does not have a sticky backing and is thinner than a replacement grip.

If you are looking for specific gripping characteristics (e.g.,tacky surface,extra sweat absorbency, and textured surface) or would like to increase the grip size, you should consider purchasing overgrips. Overgrips are a popular choice among many players due to its cost, ease of replacement, and variety of colors. Overgrips keeps your grip fresh and newlike. On the other hand, replacement grips provide great comfort and has a better shock absorption. 

As a player, it is important that you are aware of what your preferences are and what you are most comfortable using. Carefully consider the pros and cons of the variation of grips available to you.



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