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How to Put an Overgrip on a Tennis Racquet


Learning how to properly put  an overgrip on a tennis racquet is just as essential as knowing the importance and use of an overgrip. As mentioned in our "Best Tennis Overgrips" post, an overgrip is wrapped around the handle of the racquet to help improve the grip and provide more comfort and shock absorption. Such special tool was designed to be replaced frequently and help you enhance your game. 


Below are the steps on how to put an overgrip on a tennis racquet (you will need scissors and a pen. Have a waste basket nearby as well. 


  1. Remove the old overgrip

  2. Make sure the underlying grip is clean and secure. Sometimes you might want to remove a lit bit at the end with scissors. 

  3. Remove the backing of the finishing tape. One trick is to stick the tape somewhere and get back to it later. 

  4. Remove the plastic of  the overgrip

  5. Look carefully at the overgrip and note the starting bevel and mark it. 

  6. Remember that it sticks better and stays better if you stick it a little lower down angled up. Start wrapping at the very end of the racquet and pull tight so it conforms to the grip. Wrap until you get to the bevel.

  7. Youu can start going down the grip (still pulling tight) because racquets has different diameters. If you do not pull tight, there might be a wrinkle. 

  8. As you wrap, overlap 2 - 3 millimeters keep pulling but not as tight as you did when you started. 

  9. Every so often you have to unwrap and realign

  10. Wrap it to where you want it and put a pen mark where it overlaps. Unwrap it and cut in between the marks. You don’t need to mark precisely but you need to get relatively close. Tape your overgrip with your tape ready to use. Do not start at the end, start somewhere in the middle of the grip and wrap it around. 

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